Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Its really late right now. Its 12:50 am...I am supposed to be asleep right now but I am still working! Really need to complete a little bit more of the cushion cover. They are supposed to  be completed by mid of this month but unfortunately I have not done so...huhu...

I am almost halfway through with its pair. Alhamdulillah..InsyaAllah they will be mailed to the owner latest by Wednesday. By hook or by crook!

InsyaAllah I will try to complete them by tomorrow nite!

Lately..all my work need to be planned properly. I have already listed out what I should embroider by end of the month and I still have loads of them. Now, that I attending more classes in the morning, I have less time to be spent on my work...Therefore, proper planning is definitely required. InsyaAllah...may Allah give me strength to sew them as fast as I could.

I mailed 20 pouches yesterday around 3:30 pm ( I still feel that its today, since i have not slept yet:)
Alhamdulillah, I hope NurNadia will be happy with what she will be receiving by tomorrow InsyaAllah...I was in my sewing room about 5-6 hours solid just to sew 20 nos of pouches...( more than half of the embroidered pieces were sewn halfway yesterday)..Alhamdulillah..I am satisfied with the end result. Here are some of them  ~ not completed..

and here are the samples of the completed pouches.

Here is a photo of my youngest niece. She is about 4 months old. Looking at her made me feel like I want to fly to JB right now. Nak ku gigit ku gomol pipinya yang tembam itu. I told Nadhirah, Aisya Qaisaya is doing what Dhira did almost 20 years ago...when her stomach is full of my milk!. hehehe..and of course Dhira will say...Mana Ada! hehe

Thats all for now. I could barely open my eyes...Nite2 all

Before sleeping please do not forget to recite AlFatihah, the 3 Qul, Ayatul Kursi and takbir, tasbih and tasmid. And the selawat...


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